PokerStars US Makes History by Hosting the Largest-Ever USASCOOP

The new PokerStars NJ-MI multi-state network contributed to an increase of over 30 percent in USASCOOP prizes, which totaled over $6.7 million by the conclusion of the tournament.

On April 3, the final USASCOOP games were contested on PokerStars US, marking the conclusion of the largest tournament in the tournament’s existence. It was also the first time that the USASCOOP was contested in the newly combined markets of New Jersey and Michigan, which undoubtedly contributed to the 30% increase in total prizes.

This year’s USASCOOP featured two strands of action. The newly constructed multi-state network consisting of New Jersey and Michigan went live at the start of 2023, becoming the first multi-state player pool to be established since the WSOP merged New Jersey with Nevada and Delaware in 2017. The NJ/MI series played its games concurrently with a comparable schedule in Pennsylvania’s still segregated market.

This year’s USASCOOP was the most monumental in the series’ history. With $5 million guaranteed between the two jurisdictions, it was always going to be a major tournament, but when the dust settled, over $6.7 million in total prizes were awarded.

Two enormous occurrences in each market, all of which exceeded their guarantees, were among the highlights of the final days of the series. The four major games at the conclusion of the series exceeded the total guarantees by more than $30,000 each. The largest USASCOOP ever shatters assurances.
This year’s USASCOOP was the largest ever, with over $5 million in guarantees at the start of the tournament and over $6,700,000 collected by the end. Partially, the scale of this year’s series is a natural progression of larger and bigger events, but a significant portion of this year’s success is due to the player pool merger between New Jersey and Michigan.

This created the largest market in the United States with a total population of nearly 20 million people, surpassing Pennsylvania’s population of 13 million (which is on par with the size of the combined WSOP market of NJ, NV, and DE). With the largest participant population, the new multi-state PokerStars client hosted the largest USASCOOP, with $3 million guaranteed compared to $2 million in PA.

PokerStars USA SCOOP 2023 Summary

Michigan/New JerseyPennsylvania
Series GTD Overall$3,000,000$2,000,000
Main Event GTD$300,000$200,000
Lowest Buy-in$10$10
Highest Buy-in$2500$2500

As the final contests convened on the first weekend of April, total prizes had already surpassed the $4.82 million in guarantees by nearly $6.2 million. The most recent tournaments added an additional 5% in prize money to this enormous sum, with the four largest tournaments contributing the most.

PA Main Event was the featured performer during the final weekend. With a field of triple sevens, the $200k guarantee was nearly 9% exceeded. The NJ/MI Main Event also performed well, awarding 3.84 percent more in prizes.

Recently, phased tournaments have become popular in online series, and the USASCOOP’s phased events also performed well. Phase II of both jurisdictions concluded on the final weekend of the series, with both games exceeding their respective guarantees.

2023 USASCOOP Big Games from Final Weekend

StateGameGuaranteePrizesBuy-InEntries% Diff
PAMain Event$200,000$217,560$3007778.78%
PAPhase II$100,000$101,531$10011061.53%
NJ/MIMain Event$300,000$309,680$30011063.23%
NJ/MIPhase II$125,000$129,805$10014143.84%

The total prize pool for the 2023 USASCOOP is approaching $7 million, continuing the tournament’s year-over-year growth. The 2022 edition, the final USASCOOP in three separate markets, awarded $6.4 million in total prizes, so the $6.7 million awarded in 2023 represents an increase of 8% over the previous year.
The vast new market of 20 million potential participants accounts for a significant portion of the 8% increase, but as the results of the PA Main Event demonstrate, the Pennsylvania market is also flourishing. This enhanced iteration of USASCOOP for 2023 bodes well for the success of USACOOP in the autumn of this year.


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