What is a poker calculator?

Poker Calculator empowers you to play your best poker game with help of math! By making use of probabilities and statistics, it helps you make smarter decisions during the game. Speaking basically, poker calculators are tools for calculating the odds of your hand in a draw poker game, like five card draw or Texas hold’em.

Since the poker calculator is used to determine the probability of success for a move, it is easy for us to classify it into three categories: poker advantage calculators, poker odds calculators and poker relative calculators. A poker odds calculator can perform Monte Carlo simulations to determine a player’s winning ratio. The poker advantage calculator is a tool to calculate your winning ratio and assess your winning probability in the long run. Poker odds and advantage calculators are game scenario specific poker tools that provide their users with detailed information on a specific hand or scenario.

Poker relative calculators are designed to balance out a player’s chances of winning, however, professional poker players do not use or think in terms of win ratios as it is impossible to calculate winning odds with only one hand at the same table. Poker relative calculators help you understand your chances of winning, but not in a very useful manner. They only look at how one hand stacks up against the others on the table. In game poker players don’t even consider analyses that don’t involve comparing multiple hands.

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